Florida Orange Grove 3 Bar Collection

If you have ever driven through Florida when the orange trees are in bloom, you know the intoxicating power of the orange blossoms. Enjoy the sweet orange citrus blossom scents of Florida. Each 3 bar set contains a bar of Dreamsicle, Sweet Orange, and Wake Up Citrus. A taste of the Florida sun wherever you are!

The soaps in this package are blended with a combination of raw goat milk, palm, coconut, ricebran, sunflower and castor oil.  Dreamsicle Scented with candied citrus sorbet fragrance oil, Wake Up Citrus with sweet orange, bergamot and lemongrass essential oils, and Orange Blossom with sweet orange-bergamot essential oils.

Shapes vary based on availability and may not match the picture

***Tea cup and flower not included

As with any product you place on your skin, it is recommended to use first on a small area to determine if you have any allergic reaction.  We make no claims that our product will diagnose, treat, cure or alleviate any disease, disease process or disorder. Soap is not medicine and no medical claims are made or implied.