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HURRICAN IAN UPDATE  The power is back on and we are up and shipping.  Neither our home nor our outbuildngs, including the soap shop, were damaged.  It will take a couple of extra days to ship since we have no internet, and are enjoying the kindness of friends' internet to download orders and input shipping info.  The goats are fine and roaming the dry parts of our property with their guardian dogs.  Praise God for His mercy.  Continued prayers requested for the Floridians impacted by Ian, and those in SC who took the hit.


We create fine quality hand crafted items for the home.  Our goat milk soaps and shampoo bars are appreciated for their silky smoothness and rich lather.  Goat milk adds the nutrients your skin and hair need to stay soft.

Unless otherwise indicated in the description, all of our soap items weigh between 3.5-4.5 ounces per bar--larger than most store bought bars! So, with each 3 bar set you receive approximately 12 ounces of sudsy, goat milk goodness!

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--We ship Priority Mail via the USPS.  


"Just want to say that I LOVE your soap.  It smells fantastic, lathers beautifully, and DOES NOT leave the skin dry.  I don’t often leave reviews but it’s such a pleasure doing business with a patriotic family business that makes a superb product! "  -- John L.  9/1/2022 


"Thank you for the nice products and the super fast shipping. My son received his gift sets today and the soaps and dishes are very unique and expertly crafted." --Dana S. 11/21.2021

"I have a bar of Quinn’s soap by every sink in the house. We love the fragrances and the creamy feel of the soap. My hands don’t dry out like with store bought soaps. These bars last much longer as well! Bergamot and the salt scrub bars are my favorites!"  --Melissa

"At last a wonderful unique and useful gift for the men in my life. No more ties for my guys!"  --Doly

"My scalp is very sensitive, and finding a shampoo with no harsh chemicals and unintelligible ingredients was nigh on impossible.  This bar of shampoo is wonderful.  I rub it directly on my hair.  I now use no conditioner, and my hair feels so much silkier and thicker.  Best of all, no itchy scalp.  I keep ordering more for gifts."  --Linda



Featured products

LIMITED RELEASE! Cafe Con Leche 3 Bar Collection

One of the delights of living in Florida is the strong, rich, delicious Cuban coffee. Cafe con Leche means coffee with milk, and that is exactly what this soap is. If you are a coffee lover, then you won't be surprised that coffee is not only the most indispensable beverage, but it also may benefit your skin. Coffee has been reported to tighten skin, and could offer exfoliating and antibacterial benefits. You can't take coffee into the shower, but you can take this dark, rich, delicious soap! We are offering Cafe Con Leche as a limited release, so you can let us know if it should be a year round selection in our inventory.

FALL SCENT! Pumpkin Spice 3 Bar Collection

The time is here: PUMPKIN SPICE. It will remind you of falling leaves, hay rides, and cozy evenings. This scent is available through the fall, and then it is gone just like the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. 3 bars in each order.

FALL SCENT! Cinnamon Stick- 3 Bar Collection

Think of cold winter days, and hot cinnamon buns coming out of the oven. This warm, cozy scent will keep you toasty all winter! This is my personal fall favorite. 3 bars in each order

NEW SCENT- Endless Summer 3 Bar Collection

When I lived in Kentucky, as soon as it got cold, I would be longing for summer. If you are the same, this soap is for you. It is like a warm summer breeze full of jasmine and honeysuckle. You can almost feel the Florida sun in every bar.

NEW COLLECTION-Signature Scent for Men: Mahogany and Teak

Do you remember when you had your own "signature scent?'' All of your skin care products: soap, aftershave, cologne were the same. We love that tradition. We are debuting our Signature Scent 3 Bar Collection for men. Scented in rich, warm, luxurious Mahogany and Teakwood, this collection includes a Hair and Beard bar, Body Bar, and Sudsy Shave soap.

Ladies Gift Set

The Gift Set includes 3 bars of soap in feminine scents, like Lovespell, Lavender, and Lily of the Valley, and and a hand carved wooden soap dish. However, scents vary. Each soap dish is unique, carved from hardwood trees that succumb to our seasonal storms. Soap shapes include, but are not limited to, flowers and hearts and filigreed bars. Beautifully packaged and ready for giving.

Three Bar Ladies Collection

Want to give our soaps a try? Select the 3 bar set. We will send you a pleasing selection of feminine scents and shapes.

Men's Gift Set

The Gift Set includes 3 bars of soap in masculine scents, like sandalwood, cedar, and tobacco bay, or a salt bar for more aggressive cleaning of dirty hands. Also includes a hand carved wooden soap dish. Each soap dish is unique, carved from hardwood trees that succumb to seasonal storms. Soap shapes may include bars, dogs, boots, roosters, trucks or cars. Beautifully packaged and ready for giving.

Three Bar Men's collection

Want to give our soaps a try? Select the 3 bar set. We will send you a pleasing selection of manly scents and shapes.

Potpourri Soap Set

For the especially luxurious bathing experience, try these delightful soap bags for the ultimate in fragrance and lather.

Dish Soap Gift Set

With this soap and brush and tray set, you can count on clean getting your dishes clean for a very long time! Our hard dish soap smells great, cleans well, and is very economical. Each hard dish soap tray is hand carved from hardwood trees harvested from our land. One soap bar will outlast several bottles of liquid soap if you keep the soap dry between uses.

Three Bars of Hard Dish Soap

Restock your hard dish soap set with new long lasting hard dish soap. This soap is specifically formulated for dish washing. A blend of raw goat milk, castor oil, coconut oil, citric acid, lime juice, lime zest, and lemongrass essential oil. Sudsy and long lasting.

Shampoo Bar Variety Collection

Can't decide which scent? Try all 3! This set contains all 3 of our Sudsy Shampoo Bars: Lavender Mint, Tropical Coconut, and Mahogany and Teak Shampoo-Hair and Beard Bar. Leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean with these three sudsy shampoo bars.

Lavender Peppermint 3 Sudsy Shampoo Bars

Leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean with these three sudsy shampoo bars. A special formulation with jojoba oil creates a rich lather that is clean and refreshing.

Tropical Coconut 3 Shampoo Bars

Leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean with these three sudsy shampoo bars. A special formulation with argan oil creates a rich lather that is clean and refreshing.

Mahogany and Teakwood 3 Hair and Beard Bars

Leave your scalp and beard feeling fresh and clean with these three sudsy shampoo bars. A special formulation including argan oil creates a rich luxurious lather.

Pet Shampoo

Why shouldn't your pet enjoy the same goat milk goodness that you do? These bars are specially formulated to be gentle, sudsy, with the special addition of neem oil. Neem oil has been described as offering protection against biting insects, and it is exceptionally rich and nutrient dense.

Smooth and Sudsy 3 Bar Shave Soap

This shave set is the gift for the man who has everything. The shave soap is a luxe blend of goat milk, shea butter, castor, coconut and sunflower oil. It makes shaving an event every morning. Scented in rich, earthy Mahogany and Teakwood. Includes 3 bars of shave soap. Razor not included. Each bar weighs between 3-3.5 ounces. For comparison, a typical full sized commercial bar weighs 3.2 ounces.

All Over Clean Combination Collection

This mixed set offers a full GOAT experience. This gift set contains our Sudsy Shampoo Soap, NoCoco Supersentive Skin Face and Body Soap OR Extra Gentle Baby Soft Oatmeal Face and Body Bar, and pleasantly scented Hand & Body bar. Why choose one when you can have all three?

Florida Orange Grove 3 Bar Collection

If you have ever driven through Florida when the orange trees are in bloom, you know the intoxicating power of the orange blossoms. Enjoy the sweet orange citrus blossom scents of Florida. Each 3 bar set contains a bar of Dreamscicle, Sweet Orange, and Cedarwood Orange. A taste of the Florida sun wherever you are!

Classic Basket 3 Bar Collection

This 3 bar scent contains timeless classics: lemongrass, lavender and lily of the valley. This is the perfect combination of traditional favorites

Woods and Spice 3 Bar Collection

This spicy woodsy 3 bar collection includes Cedarwood Rosemary, Sandalwood, and Tobacco Bay. A warm, invigorating bath selection.

Men's Deluxe 6 Bar Collection

This amazing gift set includes 2 masculine scented body/hand bars, 2 sudsy shampoo bars, and 2 gentle facial bars. Perfect for a special gift for a special person.

Sweet Orange Blossom Honey Oatmeal 3 Bar Collection

A taste of sweet Florida honey. Made with raw honey and scented with sweet orange, this gentle creamy bar is a delight for the senses. 3 bars included.

Three Salt Scrubby Bars

These gentle scrub bars are our go to soap for a deep clean after farm chores. The salt gives a nice scrub, and the goat milk and oil blend lock in the moisture. This is Quinn's favorite soap. He uses it as face soap to control the acne that teenage boys are prone to. Crisp Cotton fragrance oil leaves a clean, fresh scent.

Lily of the Valley 3 bar collection

Sweet and fragrant, there is nothing quite like the timeless scent of lily of the valley. Why wait until spring? Enjoy this classic fragrance now!

BEST SELLER! Wake up Citrus! 3 bars

This bright, citrus blend will be a morning wake up in the shower. We formulated this blend based on a loyal customer's request. It was a great idea to combine the best of our Florida citrus blends into one delicious scent. We are making this blend all the time, and can hardly keep in stock!

Lemongrass 3 Bar Collection

Spicy citrus is perfect for a morning shower! Enjoy this fresh, citrus classic! Scented with Lemongrass and Bergamot essential oils.

Ladies Lovespell 3 bar collection

A sweet romantic scent like an entire bouquet of flowers in romantic heart and flower shapes.

Simply Sandalwood

This is a classic, woodsy, fresh, masculine scent. Traditional and warm.

Mahogany and Teakwood Body Bar-3 bar collection

This rich, dark, earthy masculine scent has a touch of sweetness that is pleasant in the shower and all day long.

Evening Snow 3 Bar Collection

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! We intended this to be a seasonal scent, but you all missed it, so we brought it back! Like walking through the woods on a snowy winter day. Crisp notes of orange, eucalyptus, sage with creamy sandalwood. Magical clean and refreshing snowflake scent. If you live in Florida like us, and can't walk through the woods on a snowy day, this soap is the next best thing!

Tobacco Bay 3 bar collection

This earthy, masculine scent is a year round favorite. Quinn's great grandfather grew tobacco in Kentucky, so this one is a family favorite as well. It's a fresh mix of bay leaf, fir needle, cedarwood, bergamot, and tobacco.

Three Bar Baby Soft Oatmeal Collection

This extra gentle bar is perfect for sensitive skin. Blended with oatmeal, this soap is ideal for the face and for those who may prefer an unscented blend.

Peppermint 3 Bar Collection

Enjoy a minty fresh scent that is always in season. This refreshing blend of peppermint and rosemary essential oils is rich, sweet and delightful. Peppermint is unique in that it has a mild, tingling sensation on the skin that makes you feel extra clean. 3 bars in each order

NoCoco Extra Gentle Facial Bar 3 Bar Collection

This UNSCENTED soap offers an extra hypoallergenic blend made with babassu oil, and is designed for those who cannot tolerate coconut or sunflower oil. This blend is rich, sudsy, and gentle for sensitive skin. Perfect for a facial bar.