Hand Soap

Extra strength for cleaning dirty hands or extra gentle for delicate skin.

Bars delivered may look different than bars pictured.  We have many fun shapes and color variations.

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NEW! Healing Tea Tree--3 Bar Collection

Enjoy the benefits of tea tree oil AND the richness of goat milk soap in one bar! Tea tree oil is known for its anitseptic, antiobiotic-like properties. With the addition of cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils, this bar is a skin loving powerhouse!

UNSCENTED Starter Set--3 Bar Collection

Why choose when you can enjoy 3 different bars, for an all over body experience! This collection includes an Unscented Sudsy Shampoo Bar, Unscented Facial Bar (Baby Soft Oatmeal OR NoCoco), and an unscented Hand and Body Bar.

QUINN'S PICK! Three Salt Scrubby Bars

These gentle scrub bars are our go to soap for a deep clean after farm chores. The salt gives a nice scrub, and the goat milk and oil blend lock in the moisture. This is one of Quinn's favorite soaps. He uses it as face soap to control the acne that teenage boys are prone to. Fresh Cotton fragrance oil leaves a clean, fresh scent.