Lady's Scents

A collection of beautiful scents that celebrate the amazing variety of our natural world. Bars delivered may look different than bars pictured.  We have many fun shapes and color variations.

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Ladies Starter Set

Want to give our soaps a try? Select this 3 bar set that takes care of you from head to toe. You receive one shampoo bar, one facial bar (Baby Soft Oatmeal or NoCoco--unscented), and one hand/body bar in lovely, feminine fragrances.

Three Bar Ladies Collection

Want to give our soaps a try? Select the 3 bar set. We will send you a pleasing selection of feminine scents and shapes.

Ladies Signature Scent--Lily of the Valley

Enjoy this collection in one lovely signature scent--timeless, fragrant Lily of the Valley. This collection contains our NEW Lily of the Valley Sudsy Shampoo bar, combined with an unscented facial bar in Baby Soft Oatmeal or NoCoco, and a body bar in Lily of the Valley.

GRACE'S FAVE! Raspberry Lime

A valued customer recommended we offer a raspberry-citrus scented soap. So we did! This sweet, fresh blend is perfect for summer, or when you want to pretend it is summer. Contains 3 bars

Vanilla Bouquet

Think vanilla bean or vanilla extract, not vanilla ice cream. These dark, rich bars are filled with the scent of spun sugar and warm vanilla. 3 bars in each order.

Love Spell 3 bar collection

A sweet romantic scent like an entire bouquet of flowers in romantic heart and flower shapes.

BEST SELLER! Wake up Citrus! 3 bars

This bright, citrus blend will be a morning wake up in the shower. We formulated this blend based on a loyal customer's request. It was a great idea to combine the best of our Florida citrus blends into one delicious scent. We are making this blend all the time, and can hardly keep in stock!

Florida Peach

Georgia is not the only state to boast fragrant, amazing peaches! This scent will make you think of lazy summer days with the scent of peach blossoms in the air. Daniel Horowitz's favorite new scent! Thanks to one of our loyal customers for the great idea for a peach scented soap!

Lovely Lavender

A timeless classic, there is nothing like lavender. This smooth, fragrant, delightful, 3 bar collection will be your favorite.