Lady's Scents

A collection of beautiful scents that celebrate the amazing variety of our natural world. Bars delivered may look different than bars pictured.  We have many fun shapes and color variations.

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Four Seasons of Soap Complete Collection

The Four Seasons of Soap Complete Collection is a great way to make sure you or your loved ones have a full supply of delightful soaps and shampoos to last the whole year! Each package includes scents and shapes intended to celebrate the uniqueness of each season: Including but not limited to: Summer scents like Wake Up Citrus, Dreamsicle and Tobacco Bay, Springtime flowers like Lily of the Valley, Fall Scents of Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon, and select winter scents like Frankincense and Peppermint! This special gift set even includes our hand and lip balms, a unique item not available individually.


What is a more refreshing fragrance than lime? We love it. This collection contains Lime Sublime, Raspberry Lime, and Cedarwood Lime. This way, you can try each scent out because it is too hard to choose!

Raspberry Lime from THE LIME COLLECTION

A valued customer recommended we offer a raspberry-citrus scented soap. So we did! This sweet, fresh blend is perfect for summer, or when you want to pretend it is summer. Contains 3 bars


Grace asked if we could name a soap, "Lime Sublime," but what sort of scent would it be to deserve such a name? I think we nailed it! The combination of lime, bergamot and sweet orange essential oils create a refreshing, clean, bright fragrance. Lime Sublime may displace Wake Up Citrus as our all time best seller. Contains 3 bars.

Ladies Gift Set

The Gift Set includes 3 bars of soap in feminine scents, like Lovespell, Lavender, and Lily of the Valley, and and a hand carved wooden soap dish. However, scents vary. Each soap dish is unique, carved from hardwood trees that succumb to our seasonal storms. Soap shapes include, but are not limited to, flowers and hearts and filigreed bars. Beautifully packaged and ready for giving.

Three Bar Ladies Collection

Want to give our soaps a try? Select the 3 bar set. We will send you a pleasing selection of feminine scents and shapes.

Potpourri 3 Soap Set

For the especially luxurious bathing experience, try these delightful soap bags for the ultimate in fragrance and lather. Not your grab a quick shower before work soap! Like it's namesake, our Potpourri Soap generates the maximum scent and a generous lather. Especially good for when you want to relax and unwind in the tub! We hand cut our soap into bits and pack them tightly into 3 sealed bags. each approx 3 oz. bag is good for several uses. You will be pleasantly surprised by the thick lather and amazing scents released when you wash in the tub with our hand made soap bags.

All Over Clean Combination Set

Why choose when you can enjoy 3 different bars, for an all over body experience! This collection includes a Sudsy Shampoo Bar, Unscented Facial Bar (Baby Soft Oatmeal OR NoCoco), and a scented Hand and Body Bar.

Ladies All Over Clean Collection--Tropical Coconut

Enjoy this collection in one lovely signature scent- Tropical Coconut This collection contains our Tropical Coconut Sudsy Shampoo bar, combined with an unscented facial bar in Baby Soft Oatmeal or NoCoco, and a body bar in Tropical Coconut as well