QUINN'S PICK! Mahogany and Teakwood 3 Hair and Beard Bars

Leave your scalp and beard feeling fresh and clean with these three sudsy shampoo bars. A special formulation including jojoba oil creates a rich luxurious lather. Scented with Mahogany and Teakwood fragrance.

Specially designed for hair with nourishing jojoba, this bar is extra sudsy, and the Mahogany and Teakwood fragrance oil blend gives you a spa feeling in your own shower.  Blended with raw goat milk, coconut, palm, rice bran, sunflower, castor and jojoba oils.

Shapes vary based on availability and may not match the picture

As with any product you place on your skin, it is recommended to use first on a small area to determine if you have any allergic reaction.  We make no claims that our product will diagnose, treat, cure or alleviate any disease, disease process or disorder. Soap is not medicine and no medical claims are made or implied.