Herbal Remedies Chest (PRE-ORDER) 2-4 weeks

An herbal medicine chest stocked with all the ingredients you need to make your own teas, tinctures and balms to treat common maladies you and your family may suffer. Each chest is hand made when ordered, a beautiful addition to your home, and one of a kind. The chest incudes 20 traditional ingredients and several empty jars so you have room to expand to suit your needs. Also included is the recipe sheet we use so you can quickly create various treatments for common complaints. Would also make a beautiful spice rack, and unique conversation piece. Very limited quantity. Read the long description for an itemized list of the chest's contents.

We came to the conclusion during the Covid insanity that we could no longer rely on western medicine for our family 's health care.  So we read books and articles about wellness and herbal remedies, and the impact of diet on our health.  What we discovered from books like Chris Beats Cancer, and other natural remedy books is almost too fantastic to repeat, but we are firm in our commitment to treat ourselves in most circumstances.

We are not offering medical advice, but we believe we have benefitted from using these various herbal mixtures.  Our hope is that you may benefit as well.  I (Ben) made the prototype for Dana as a Christmas present last year, and all her friends wanted one for themselves.  So, we decided to offer this chest to you, too!

Each box contains the following: activated charcoal, bayberry powder, bee/lemon balm, billberry capsules, black walnut capsules, boric acid, cayenne pepper, elderberry capsules, juniper capsules, mullien tea, dried lavender, dried marshamallow root, dried peppermint, saw palmetto capsules, St. John's Wart capsules.  We include several empty, covered glass jars for you to easily add to your "stash," and create your own mixes.  Contents may vary depending on availability.  We also include a surgical kit, and a "cheat sheet" of recipes for common maladies.

We make no claims that our product will diagnose, treat, cure or alleviate any disease, disease process or disorder.