Men's Scents

Manly scents, woodsy and earthy.

Bars delivered may look different than bars pictured.  We have many fun shapes and color variations.

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FALL SCENT! Pumpkin Spice 3 Bar Collection

The time is here: PUMPKIN SPICE. It will remind you of falling leaves, hay rides, and cozy evenings. This scent is available through the fall, and then it is gone just like the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. 3 bars in each order.

FALL SCENT! Cinnamon Stick- 3 Bar Collection

Think of cold winter days, and hot cinnamon buns coming out of the oven. This warm, cozy scent will keep you toasty all winter! This is my personal fall favorite. 3 bars in each order

NEW COLLECTION-Signature Scent for Men: Mahogany and Teak

Do you remember when you had your own "signature scent?'' All of your skin care products: soap, aftershave, cologne were the same. We love that tradition. We are debuting our Signature Scent 3 Bar Collection for men. Scented in rich, warm, luxurious Mahogany and Teakwood, this collection includes a Hair and Beard bar, Body Bar, and Sudsy Shave soap.

Men's Gift Set

The Gift Set includes 3 bars of soap in masculine scents, like sandalwood, cedar, and tobacco bay, or a salt bar for more aggressive cleaning of dirty hands. Also includes a hand carved wooden soap dish. Each soap dish is unique, carved from hardwood trees that succumb to seasonal storms. Soap shapes may include bars, dogs, boots, roosters, trucks or cars. Beautifully packaged and ready for giving.

Three Bar Men's collection

Want to give our soaps a try? Select the 3 bar set. We will send you a pleasing selection of manly scents and shapes.

Mahogany and Teakwood 3 Hair and Beard Bars

Leave your scalp and beard feeling fresh and clean with these three sudsy shampoo bars. A special formulation including argan oil creates a rich luxurious lather.

Smooth and Sudsy 3 Bar Shave Soap

This shave set is the gift for the man who has everything. The shave soap is a luxe blend of goat milk, shea butter, castor, coconut and sunflower oil. It makes shaving an event every morning. Scented in rich, earthy Mahogany and Teakwood. Includes 3 bars of shave soap. Razor not included. Each bar weighs between 3-3.5 ounces. For comparison, a typical full sized commercial bar weighs 3.2 ounces.

All Over Clean Combination Collection

This mixed set offers a full GOAT experience. This gift set contains our Sudsy Shampoo Soap, NoCoco Supersentive Skin Face and Body Soap OR Extra Gentle Baby Soft Oatmeal Face and Body Bar, and pleasantly scented Hand & Body bar. Why choose one when you can have all three?

Woods and Spice 3 Bar Collection

This spicy woodsy 3 bar collection includes Cedarwood Rosemary, Sandalwood, and Tobacco Bay. A warm, invigorating bath selection.