Potpourri Soap Set

For the especially luxurious bathing experience, try these delightful soap bags for the ultimate in fragrance and lather.

Not your grab a quick shower before work soap!  Like it's namesake, our Potpourri Soap generates the maximum scent and a generous lather.  Especially good for when you want to relax and unwind in the tub!  We hand cut our soap into bits and pack them tightly in sealed bags. each approx 3 oz. bag is good for several uses.  You will be pleasantly suprised by the thick lather and amazing scents released when you wash in the tub with our hand made soap bags. 

Dana crochets each one, so supplies are limited to how much tv watching we do at the end of the day.  They are all different and may not match the picture.

Each order comes with a reusable and washable 100% cotton hand made soap bag and 3 approximtely 3oz.  soap inserts. 

Simply cut the plastic and pour the soap into the crochet bag to enjoy a rich, fragrant, luscious lather. When you are done, refill with more potpourri soap, or put your own soap ends in the bag to get the most from your goat soap! 

Machine wash the bag as desired.

Blended with raw goat milk, palm, coconut, rice bran, sunflower, castor oils, lard, babassu honey, oatmeal, and a variety of fragrance and essential oils.

As with any product you place on your skin, it is recommended to use first on a small area to determine if you have any allergic reaction.  We make no claims that our product will diagnose, treat, cure or alleviate any disease, disease process or disorder. Soap is not medicine and no medical claims are made or implied.