Seasonal Scents

Every season has its own special fragrance.  Enjoy them in your shower and bathroom everyday!

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Spring Season of Soap-5 Bar collection

It is so much fun to enjoy the scents of every season! As flowers bloom, fruit ripens (at least in Florida), and the sun shines all day, there are special fragrances that we associate with spring. In this collection, we bring you our favorite spring scents: Lavender Mint Shampoo, Lily of the Valley, Love Spell, Lemongrass and Orange Blossom.

QUINN'S PICK! Crackling Fire and Fir 3 bar collection

This is a rich, earthy, complex fragrance with the scent of lemon and bergamot, mid notes of Siberian fir, eucalyptus and clove, and base of firewood, patchouli and vanilla. This is one of Quinn's favorite scents, and even though it is technically a Christmas scent, we are going to offer it all year so everyone can enjoy it just like Quinn does.

Four Seasons of Soap Complete Collection

The Four Seasons of Soap Complete Collection is a great way to make sure you or your loved ones have a full supply of delightful soaps and shampoos to last the whole year! Each package includes scents and shapes intended to celebrate the uniqueness of each season: Including but not limited to: Summer scents like Raspberry Lime, Dreamsicle and Tobacco Bay, Springtime flowers like Lily of the Valley, Fall Scents of Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon, and select winter scents like Frankincense and Peppermint! This special gift set even includes our hand and lip balms, a unique item not available individually.
$120.00 $110.00

Summer Season of Soap-5 Bar collection

It is so much fun to enjoy the scents of every season! Summertime has it's own special scents that remind you of picnics and summer vacations at the beach. Coconut Shampoo, Florida Peach, Endless summer, Wake Up Citrus, and Baby soft Oatmeal Facial soap.

Endless Summer 3 Bar Collection

When I lived in Kentucky, as soon as it got cold, I would be longing for summer. If you are the same, this soap is for you. It is like a warm summer breeze full of jasmine and honeysuckle. You can almost feel the Florida sun in every bar.